D. By-laws of the board of trustees (Amended 1/14/13)
2. Officers, delegates and committees

A. The officers are a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a recording secretary, a corresponding secretary, a treasurer and an assistant treasurer, all of whom are elected at the annual meeting of the board. Any vacancy that occurs is filled at the next regular meeting by a majority vote. One trustee is named at the annual meeting to act as liaison to the Friends of Cook Memorial Library.

B. The chairperson appoints committees as needed, with a minimum of two trustees serving on each. Standing committees and minimum memberships are as follows: long-range planning (8-10 members including 3 trustees and 1 staff member who is not the library director; others can be members of the Tamworth community), nominating (2 trustees), personnel (2 trustees), policy (2 trustees), building & grounds (2 trustees), technology (2 trustees). The library director is automatically a member of all committees. Committees report at regular meetings of the entire Board.

C. The Board of Trustees can appoint a special (ad-hoc) committee for a specific purpose until the duty assigned to it by the board is accomplished. The trustees determine the objectives, numbers of members and reporting requirements for such committees. To disband a special committee before it completes its purpose requires a majority vote by the board. Any special committee that has not reported back to the board before a change in officers is automatically disbanded without vote. A disbanded committee must return all documents to the board. Non-trustees may be appointed to an ad-hoc committee by the board. The chairperson must be a trustee. The special committee must report back to the board officers on a regular basis and has no authority to expend library monies without board approval.

D. Committee Descriptions
The purpose of the budget committee is to formulate the yearly budget with input from the appropriate committees and the library director. All trustees serve on this committee; the reason for this is all trustees should be able to follow the money. The budget committee meets once a year.

Building and Grounds
This committee consists of a minimum of two board members. Its responsibilities involve attending to and maintaining the library’s physical plant. This includes:
heat and cooling system; security systems (includes both fire and burglar alarms; fire extinguishers; control panel in the main entrance); electrical system; water and sewer; communication systems (phone and internet connections)
The utilities are monitored.
The physical building is kept in good repair (this includes a yearly report to LCHIP).
The grounds are kept in good condition: walks and parking cleared of snow;
lawns cut and in good care; flower beds and other shrubs in good care
Meeting with the library director regularly to be kept abreast with all related changes.
Presenting a budget to the budget committee

The Chairman of the board, Treasurer and Vice Treasurer are the members of this committee. They meet to discuss specific monetary situations and then make recommendations to the full board.

This committee, made up of a minimum of two members of the board of trustees, nominates the officers for each office, fills the committees; confers with each trustee to make sure they are agreeable to the nominations.
The full board votes on the nominations.

This committee meets occasionally with the library director to determine the technology needs of the library. There are two board members as well as the library director on this committee. The committee also pays attention to the library web site and other digital communications. It presents a budget to the budget committee.

The policy committee consists of two board members and the library director. The chair maintains a list of all policies and dates for review. Most policies are reviewed every three years and any changes are presented to the entire board for approval. Some policies are reviewed annually and are so noted. The library director posts updated policies on the library website.

Liaison to the Friends of Cook Memorial Library
The liaison to Friends attends their meetings, reports to them about trustee meetings, concerns, etc, and reports back to the trustees about Friends’
activities, concerns and meetings.

The publicity committee (consisting of two co-chairs) convenes to discuss ways to promote and advocate for the library via press releases, posters, and posts on the library website and the Tamworth Exchange.

The personnel committee, with the assistance of the Library Director, shall prepare job descriptions for all paid staff and for volunteers, do an annual evaluation of the director and report such evaluation to the Board, and perform such other duties relating to personnel as the board may direct.

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