The special collection on Sustainability has been a great success. It’s the first time the library has cobbled together a temporary collection which includeds loans from members of the community as well as titles from the library’s collection on a specific subject. According to our automation stats, each month this fall 40-50 titles from the sustainability collection, augmented by books on the subject in the library’s collection, have been checked out. To my mind, collaboration is always a win-win effort, gernerating the circulation of social capital as well as information. One of the outcomes of this sharing of local talent and intention to focus interest on Sustainabilty has been the formation of an action group. Instead of linking to the Tamworth Exchange, which is members only, I copied their information about an upcoming public meeting here. Toward a Sustainable Tamworth: How Can We Grow and Eat More Local Food? The Community School has kindly loaned its entire building for this event, and will be providing lunch, so we can try out the eat more part of the equation right away!
This is an outgrowth of a series of meetings this fall, initiated by Karl Behr and friends, with numbers of participants steadily growing. It reflects the feeling of many that tomorrow’s world will need strong local economies and less dependence on nationwide and global trade. Duane Dale has helped design a fun, highly participatory format for the Jan. 13 meeting. He and Lianne Prentice will facilitate the event, but it will be largely run and shaped by the participants. Those interested are invited to think (ahead of time, or that morning) of aspects of the topic around which they would be interested in leading or co-leading a small group discussion. (Doesn’t mean you need to know the answers – Just have some starting questions/visions in mind and be willing to help your small group stay on topic, choose a note-taker etc!)
Everyone is welcome, whether as a leader, a maybe leader, a participant or even listener.
For more info, call 323-7762 after Jan. 2, or talk with Karl, Duane or Lianne.

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Special collection on "Sustainability"