In the past few weeks, several parents of teenagers have come in to the library to tell us that their teens no longer have their permission to use the library computers. In response to such requests, the library staff pulls the Internet Use Registration Forms which require parental signatures for any patrons under 18, and tries to notice if patrons without signed forms are using computers. Our Technology Policy states, “The computer resources throughout the library are provided equally to all patrons. Parents are responsible for the activities of their children at the library; the library does not act “in loco parentis.” The library acknowledges the exclusive responsibility of parents and guardians to guide their children’s reading and computer use.”
There are five public computers in the library, tucked into various nooks and crannies. Last year 2000 patrons used them. The library is very busy at times, and the staff is not always able to monitor computer use. Parents need to be aware that it is not feasible, nor the staff’s job, to police computer use by teenagers (See Internet Use Policy.)

Public Use of Library Computers