Tamworth is a town to be proud of. Yesterday, March 24th, 2006, was Town Meeting Day, and as the only non-resident in the room, I felt privileged to be among you, and even more, to be allowed to speak on behalf of the library. I hope that some of you took a look at the display the Veteran’s Committee presented in the hall outside the gym.

To both honor and add to the work the Veteran’s Committee is doing, Friends of Cook Memorial Library have funded a reprint of “Tamworth in World War II“, which was originally published by the Tamworth Women’s Club in 1948. The reprints are available at the library for $5 each.
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It is a book to make Tamworth proud. First there are all the youthful faces, both men and women, of so many residents of Tamworth, some of whom are still amongst us, and the descriptions of their war service. In addition there are many interesting and inspiring essays written about Tamworth’s many contributions to the war effort. Below is an excerpt.

Every resident of Tamworth may be justly proud of the record made by this community in the various War Bond Drives. The words “every resident” are intended to mean exactly that, from the schoolchildren who purchased an amount in excess of $3000 to the service men and women who regularly made bond purchases, and even the elderly lady who on the first call for subscriptions pledged ten cents per month until she had accumulated enough to buy an $18.75 bond.
It is safe to say that there is no single community in the country with a war bond record equal to the Tamworth record. There were eight individual drives. In three of these drives Tamworth was the first town in the state to reach its quota, and in one of these drives Tamworth was the first town in the entire country to reach its goal….(By the end of the war) Tamworth (with a population of 700 adults) had purchased a total of $313,305, nearly twice the combined quotas.

There are also essays on the Tamworth Red Cross, blackouts, Chinook Kennels, and planting the Memorial Tree.
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Tamworth in World War II
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