For a small library, we have a pretty good quilt collection. and the many quilters in Tamworth use it well and often. Recently I visited my friend, Nancy Crasco, a Boston textile artist, educated at RISD. A visit with her is always a rich experience of looking at craft and talking about design. She has a group of textile artist friends with whom she has met every three weeks for the past twenty years. Between visits, they stay connected online by linking to and visiting one another’s websites.
It got me thinking about the power of the Internet to bring together online communities of like-minded people, and how truly wonderful it is that language and geography now longer present an impediment to communication.
If you want to look at quilts, there’s 59,592, whoops, I mean 59,594 pictures on Flickr.There are 4 million hits for “textile art” on Google, and nearly 2 million hits for “art quilts.”
What a wonderful world we live in!
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Quilts and Quilters Online
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