Arts Council of Tamworth presents a Fall Film Series on Mondays at Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth and Wednesdays at Moultonborough library
at 7 p.m.

The Lives of Others (R) with subtitles
October 22th & 24th
Nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2006, this first-rate thriller focuses on the horrifying, sometimes unintentionally funny system of observation in the former East Germany. In the early 1980s, the successful dramatist Georg Dreyman and his longtime companion Christa-Maria Sieland, a popular actress, are big intellectual stars in the socialist state, although they secretly don’t always think loyal to the party line. (German)
Away from Her (PG-13)
October 29th & 31st
Married for almost 50 years, Grant’s (Gordon Pinsent) and Fiona’s (Julie Christie) commitment to each other appears unwavering, but their serenity is broken by Fiona’s increasingly evident memory loss – and her restrained references to a past betrayal. When neither Fiona nor her husband can deny any longer that she is being consumed by Alzheimer’s disease, the couple is forced to wrenchingly redefine the limits of their love and loyalty – and face the complex, inevitable transition from lovers to strangers. (English)
Kinky Boots (PG-13)
November 5th & 7th
Inspired by a hilarious true story, this refreshing comedy is by the team that brought you CALENDAR GIRLS! For generations, the Price family has made very sensible, very conservative shoes for men. But to save the business from imminent bankruptcy, young Charlie Price turns to an unlikely new creative consultant: a sassy cross-dressing cabaret singer whose outrageous style and wild designs are a breath of fresh air in the stuffy old factory! (English)
Black Book (R) with subtitles
November 12th & 14th
Passionate, breathtaking war epic which relates an untold story of World War II where the distinctions between good and evil become blurred by the complexities of human nature. (Dutch)

In lieu of a set admission,
audience donations are gratefully accepted.
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ACT Film Series for Fall
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