OWN, BE PART OF STAREI (Sandwich Tamworth Area Renewable Energy Initiative.)

Are we running out of oil? Is there global warming? What can we do to help ourselves to renewable energy? These are among the questions that led to the founding of the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative, PAREI. Feeling we have to do something and not being willing to wait for “them” to fix it has led to Plymouth Area people installing over 40 solar energy systems in the last 2 years. PAREI is a cooperative group of local volunteers dedicated to helping the community learn about, design, and install renewable energy systems, primarily solar hot water. They are not in the business of marketing solutions but rather they have created a place where we can learn from and support each other in searching for solutions to today’s energy needs. PAREI started in the Plymouth area and is now launching a satellite chapter, the Sandwich Tamworth Area Renewable Energy
Initiative, STAREI. This will allow our area to piggy back on, and be under the umbrella of, what has already been accomplished.

There are many things that can be done as individuals and many places to start. STAREI is hosting a talk on starting this cooperative effort in our area. This informal seminar is open to all renewable energy ideas although the initial focus will be primarily on solar hot water systems. These systems are easy to install, are relatively inexpensive and offer an immediate payback to the environment as well as a quick financial payback to the homeowner.

Join Jack Waldron on Tuesday evening, December 4 at Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth for a presentation on STAREI and solar energy.
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