Did you ever look at the old stuff around your house and say, “Wow I bet if I knew how, I could make a ton of money selling this on E-bay”? Well here’s your chance to learn how!

Come to the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth on Tuesday, March 4th at 7:00 pm, to learn more about E-bay. Clay Groves, the program coordinator at White Mountain Community College in Conway, will present a program on this fascinating online marketplace. You will learn how to assess the value of your items, how to list them on E-bay, and how to get the most money possible for them. In addition you’ll get information on closing your auction, avoiding scams, getting paid, and shipping your items. Most importantly, you’ll discover how much fun online auctions can be!

An e-bay regular himself, Clay Groves has also taught dozens of others how to sell on E-bay. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your “stuff” into cash. This program is free and open to everyone. Call the library at 323-8510 with questions.

Ebay Program POSTPONED to March 4th
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