This video cast entitled “Why are the Birds Disappearing?” was posted on the Tamworth Exchange by several members. It’s a 15-minute wake up call about “the state of our environment and the fragility of our planet.” I’m posting it here to illustrate the library’s collection of bird books. For those who love birds, we have some wonderful books in the collection.
In addition to the typical bird guides by Sibley and Peterson, there are some more specialized topics:
Bird Brains: The Intelligence of crows, ravens, magpies and jays by Candace Savage
The Grail Bird by Tim Gallagher
Living on the Wind: Across the hemisphere with migratory birds by Scott Weidensaul
The Singing Life of Birds: The art and science of listening to birdsong by Donald Kroodsma, includes a companion Audio CD
Between the Wingtips: The secret life of birds by Magnus Ullman
Rare and Elusive Birds of North America by William Burt
The Bird Garden: A comprehensive guide to attracting birds to your backyard throughout the year
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Why are Birds in North America Disappearing?