Gay Freeborn's Couch Potato
Gay Freeborn’s Couch Potato

‘The Painting Group,’ on display in June, has been painting together for many years. Presently the group consists of Gay Freeborn, Herb Hollingsworth, Ed Cooke, Mardi Freeman, and Jay Rancourt. Inspired by the Impressionists, we get together weekly to paint, trading techniques and critiquing each other’s work, sharing a bowl of soup and inspiration. Some of us paint in oils and some in watercolors or acrylics and each has a distinctive style. We have come from many backgrounds as well: Art school, craft fairs, woodworking, fabric construction, carpentry, teaching and design, and 3 of us, Gay, Herb and Ed, go back to art classes in high school!
There is nothing like a winter day, painting and laughing with old friends and seeing through each others eyes, with all the dogs swirling around our feet, and music playing, and the sun streaming in the windows.
Blue pool
Jay Rancourt’s Blue Rapsody

Artist of the Month – June 2008
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