Jay Mankita presents “The Day the Library Went Wild!” Don’t miss this one!

Singer-songwriter Jay Mankita will appear at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth on Friday, July 25th. Jay will be presenting an interactive musical concert for children and their families featuring quirky, original songs about nature, animals, and the ‘wild’ human being in all of us. The show starts at 2 PM and will be followed by a short presentation about his veggie oil-powered van.

An activist for social and environmental justice, Mankita tours in his van which runs on recycled vegetable oil. He enjoys showing his van and his solar powered sound system to folks after the show, talking about how each one of us can contribute to helping make a better world through small, simple changes.

As a songwriter, Mankita combines humorous and serious material; addressing topical issues, but always in an entertaining way. A masterful guitar player, he blends traditional acoustic blues, ragtime, and swing styles with a quirky, original feel, and has just finished his 6th recording; ‘Eat like a Rainbow’, a CD for kids about healthy food.

Mankita is as well known for his music for children, as he is for his adult performances. He is now touring his show in 65 towns this summer throughout the Northeast. This year’s concert features a kangaroo song, and a rocking version of “Waltzing Matilda”, to support the library’s summer reading program, “G’Day for Reading”. For more information about the show call the library at 323-8510. Or look up information on Jay Mankita.

The Day the Library Went Wild!, with Jay Mankita