Because of a renewed interest in “all things French”, I’ve been taking a look at our collection of French cookbooks. When I read Au Rue Tatin, it whetted my appetite for more; author Susan Loomis has a blog. So then I took out Julia’s Mastering the Art classic, but her recipes are too fiddly for me. I’m not spending all day making baguettes; I’m just not.
Julie and Julia describes the frustration of trying to cook French when you don’t have any time, don’t have the right equipment and don’t have access to proper ingredients. Published from Julie’s blog a few years ago, this book is funny, and well worth a gander.
If you are interested in current blogs about French cooking, here’s one from a Parisian blog called Chocolate and Zucchini. Here’s another by Sam (English) and Fred (French.) There’s a whole world of recipes out there. Get into that kitchen and get busy!

French Cooking
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