JASMINE LAMB IS A POET, ROSY LAMB A PAINTER will launch their book, Outside the Garden: Poems and Paintings on Sunday, August 24, 2008, 3:00 p.m. at the library. The sisters grew up in rural New Hampshire, moved away, and have come back together for this book, drawing on each other and their childhood for its inspiration.
Outside the Garden is the sisters’ first book. In it, poems and paintings speak to one another on facing pages, and together create a larger portrait of two women, their journeys into adulthood and their love for each other. The book is, in a sense, an act of recognition and memory, a glimpse of their intimacy and lives. Vulnerable, vital and earth-bound by turns, Jasmine Lamb’s poems evoke a girl’s passage to womanhood, her encounter with illness, and her path back to health. The book itself was born out of a period of convalescence, during which Rosy would visit Jasmine and paint her as she slept. As the visits continued, as the sisters baked apples and reminisced, Outside the Garden took shape. Their shared aesthetic vision deepened to produce a work of softness, beauty, and presence.
The authors:
Rosy Lamb has shown her work in the United States, Canada, France and Hong Kong. She graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and she lives and works in Paris. Jasmine Lamb lives in Vermont, where she gardens, teaches yoga, writes, and works with people through her ListeningArts practice.

Book talk by Jasmine and Rosy Lamb
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