The library will be closed on Veteran’s Day, on Tuesday, November 11th.

This summer I visited the site of the B52 bomber crash on Elephant Mountain, near Greenville on Moosehead Lake. This crash occurred on a very cold January night in 1963. Two airmen survived by ejecting seconds before the crash, but seven others perished. There is a black slate marker, surrounded on all sides by wreckage, that reads: “In Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives in the B-52 Crash on Jan. 24, 1963.” The debris field has become a shrine, with flags, mementos and messages scattered about. Pete Pratt, the unofficial caretaker of the site describes it as “like an Indian burial mound.” This YouTube video will give you an idea of what its like. I found it very moving – a lonely memorial to all the young men (and now women) who join the military to serve their country. Veterans, we salute you.

Closed on Veteran's Day
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