John Updike died on Tuesday, January 27th, ending a long career as an important American literary genius. A prolific writer of novels, short stories, and essays, he chronicled American middle-class life for five decades. His writing was lyrical, witty, and extremely popular. We have quite a few of his books in our collection.

As a teenager, when Updike lived down the road from my family, I knew him as that funny-looking guy with the big face and gigantic nose who used to play tennis with my father. I remember being very startled by Couples, his only blockbuster bestseller.
Jane Smiley, novelist, says this about Updike;

“I, like many many others, appreciate and love your work, which is grand and precise, and funny and sad, and thoughtful and beautiful, and always fun to read.”

John Updike dies at 76
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