Paste Paper Workshop on Sunday, Feb 25 Photo of a paste paper class

Book Arts Class in Portfolio-making on Saturday, May 2nd, 12 p.m. to 4 p. m.

Materials charge: $2.50 for each 13″X19″ or 10″ X 15″ portfolio (for heavy-wt. book board, book cloth, and heavy interior paper.) You can make several, if you wish.
I will bring the following:
Book board in two sizes; 13 1/4″ X 19″ and 10″X 15″, both with the grain going the long dimension to match the grain in the paste papers we made a few weeks ago.

If you don’t have paste paper, there will be some available for your use.

I have book cloth in the following colors: rust red, beige, brown and black.

I will bring heavy papers (dark blue, light blue and gray) to form a holder inside the portfolio – Remember the paper wings to keep content from spilling out the sides?

Ribbon ties – I will bring what I have but that ain’t much, so see if you have something to use. Grosgrain ribbon is good, should be durable (not raffia or paper package ribbon).
You will bring:
Wear old clothes and/or wear an apron. Bring lunch/snack.

Book arts tools, if you have them: pencil, cutting mat & exacto knife (preferably with the snap-off blades), metal straight edge, big sheets of scrap paper to do your gluing on, glue, and glue brush, and glue roller and tray. If you don’t have these things. I will bring all that I have.

Decorative paper either bought or homemade. Rice, mulberry, etc, Asian of all kinds, etc. (I will have a little for your use)

Collage materials you might want to use to decorate. I place an example of the portfolio’s contents on the cover so I can identify it at a glance (ie watercolor, print, sketch, Christmas card, whatever.)

Ribbon ties

Making portfolios will teach you basic book arts skills ,and if you are an artist or collector or both, you can’t have too many portfolios!!
Hope you can make it.

Leave a comment below, or call 323-8510 to ask questions or sign up.

Book Arts Workshop – Portfolio-Making
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