Richard Posner of Tamworth Learning Circles offers a teaching and parenting perspective on “Drowning Heroes, Dragons in the Deep” on Wednesday, March 18th at 7:00 at the Cook Memorial Library.

21st Century men, in an increasingly crowded and complex world, face more and newer problems than the dragons and wilderness they evolved to face.

Questions Posner will address include: Is there a real crisis of the male? Are boys faced with confused expectations? Are traditional gender roles obsolete? Why are many boys trailing behind girls’ development and achievements? What is missing from boys’ upbringing and education today? What are the roles of sports and computer games in a boy’s life today? What of importance do gangs and armies still offer? What of hunting? Of art? What are valid role models today? Is a new type of male being nurtured?

Richard Posner presents “Drowning Heroes, Dragons in the Deep”
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