Awesome Stories is an online database that I’ve been aware of for some time. Amongst other formats, it offers story narrations (an example about Helen Keller) to help people who learn better by sound than sight, to aid students of English, to provide a resource for adult education and to assist those who are tackling the current adult-literacy crisis. It also features video clips, discussion topics with a variety of supporting and contextual information.
To fully access this website and its offerings, you will want to subscribe. Don’t worry, it’s free! It includes the following:

* Original stories, created in a unique manner, to help you learn and do research

* Key references, and primary sources, linked in-context

* Relevant search results for targeted topics

* Newsletters – including ideas for educators and research topics for students

* Access to all narrated stories

* Full use of lesson plans, discussion topics and author observations

* A new way to view art, ancient artifacts, original documents and annotated maps

* A guide for using the web beyond email, news, stocks and on-line purchases

* A great alternative to watching television

A Richer Alternative to TV
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