"A homemade life" by Molly Wizenberg
A Homemade Life is yet another memoir/cookbook in our collection that I just read. I just love that genre (and so do a lot of other patrons) – it always jump starts my flagging interest in cooking dinner.
So last night I made two of Molly Wizenberg’s recipes; a fabulous salad involving endive, avocado, feta and radishes, and Medterranean meatballs in a yogurt, lemon and cumin sauce. Ooooh la la!! Bon appetit!
So this is a long-winded introduction to Molly Wizenberg’s website, Orangette which is just as charming and even more chock-a-block full of wonderful recipes than her book. And it has links to other interesting cooking blogs of HER choice. Enjoy.

A Homemade Life
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