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In the 1970s and 80s, an oral history project recorded a number of local people of advanced age reminiscing about early days in Tamworth, between the turn of the century and the Great Depression. These interviews were recorded on audio cassettes, and they have been languishing unheard in the library for many years.
Sponsored by The Friends of CML, Dennis Quinn, with help from Jay Rancourt, improved the sound quality and converted these cassettes to MP3 and Audio CD formats during this past year. These Audio CDs are now available for circulation.

The people interviewed include: Hooker Moody, Perley Grace, Charles Aspinall, Ellen Eldridge, Elmer Cummings, Alphonso Brown, Margaret Steele, Lillian McGrew, John Hidden, Scott Aspinall, Mabel Hidden, and several other group interviews. Interviewers include Katy Thompson, Scott Aspinall, Ellen Eldridge, Molly Balch, Jean Smith, and Frances Damon. Ice cutting, horse logging, sugaring off, driving to Boston in three days, well digging, blacksmithing, skiing on Page Hill, bears, electrification – these are a few of the subjects covered in these interviews. For a better understanding of days gone by in Tamworth, check these Audio CDs out.

Tamworth's Oral History Project
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  • June 3, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Perley Grace was my great grandfather and I would be most interested to hear this oral history and so would my father. Is there any way we could obtain a copy of this Audio CD?

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