Front Cover "Diary of a Tamworth Boy"

After many months of transcribing and adding illustration, The “Diary” is finished. And during the process of preparation, a mystery was solved. It will be on sale at Family Day (at Donna P.’s table) for $12 a copy, and ever after at the library. There will be a reduced rate for the purchase of multiple copies. If you wish to purchase a copy from the website, simply send a note with a check for $15 ($3 for shipping) to Cook Memorial Library and we will send it to you.

The following is from Jean Ulitz’ 1975 preface:
“Nothing was ever wasted! This young lad writes cautiously at first but, as he warms to the task, he gives us a sharp and concise picture of the life of a teenager of that period. Each member of the family worked hard and long on the farm. They were active in town and church. Family life was close and loving; school was fitted into the farm schedule where practicable; religion was a basic part of their life; and there were also some lighter moments to savor and remember. There was much visiting near and far among family and friends. There were birthday parties, berry picking, mountain climbing, swimming, picnics, sleighing, orating, debating and entertainers coming to town. The Fourth of July was perhaps the highlight of the year and long to be remembered. Read on and see life in the mid 1800s through this teenager’s eyes.”

Diary of a Tamworth Boy for Sale
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