Ray Burton comes to TamworthBurton visit
Under the auspices of the NH Department of Cultural Resources, Commissioner Van McLeod, Councillor Ray Burton, State Librarian Michael York, and other department heads came to Tamworth on August 3rd for a tour of local cultural resources, such as: Remick Museum, Barnstormers, Tamworth Historical Society, Arts Council of Tamworth and the Yeoman’s Fund. A lively luncheon meeting was held at the library with members of local civic groups.
We ALL love it in Tamworth
On the ground, left to right: Matthew Newton (DCR – film), Juno Lamb (ACT), Rebecca Lawrence (NH Ste Council on the Arts), Michelle Cleveland (ACT), Michael York (State Librarian), Executive Councilor Ray Burton, Bob Cottrell (Remick Museum), George Cleveland (Tamworth citizen of merit), Bob Shea (Director, Barnstormers Theatre), Dale Bragdon (Business Manager, Barnstormers Theatre), Van McLeod (Commissioner, DCR). Behind, L to R: Luke Kraus (Ray Burton’s intern), Jay Rancourt (Library Director), Linda Jones (Library Trustee), Elizabeth Muzzey (DCR), Peggy Johnson (Yeoman’s Fund.)

People of Tamworth lunch with Ray Burton
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