Jo Anne Rainville of TCNA
“A tiny New Hampshire town is practicing its own version of universal health care. For more than 80 years, the nurses of Tamworth have provided free care to every resident,” writes NHPR on their webpage
This was aired on NHPR this morning, Nov 13th, 2009:

Jo Anne Rainville, our dynamic community nurse, takes care of everyone in town. Dozens of senior, ill, disabled and dying people can stay in their homes because of Jo Anne and her office.

Jo Anne is our very own local hero.

I posted this on our local online exchange, and struck a chord. Many residents chimed in to say how much they appreciated Joanne and the work she does.

“My daughter just called from Colorado where she lives to say that she had been listening to NPR and heard that the only town in America with free health care was Tamworth NH. What a distinction!”

“Yeah, that piece was alright, but Jo Anne and her staff can tell better stories than that. Check out TCNA’s website, especially their “TCNA Stories” page.”

“Because TCNA provides universal coverage for the town, there is no time
spent on insurance coverage or claims processing. Their attention is on your
health, not your insurance. Eliminating that level of bureaucracy means
there is more time for direct care. The care is local, reducing the costs
and stress of transportation, when you’re already ill. (It doesn’t get much
more local than in your own home.) Having a community nurse means hospital
stays can be reduced, or delayed, saving the health care system as a whole,
thousands and thousands of dollars.”

This Tamworth Facebook post is in memory of Steve Damon.

People of Tamworth: Jo Anne Rainville