Katy Thompson's Tamworth Posters
Our Artist of the Month for January and February is Katy Thompson, poster artist extraordinaire, and one of Tamworth’s town treasures.
Here’s how she describes her own exhibit:

These are bulletin board posters I made for all kinds of events in Tamworth in the late 1970s, 1980s and ‘90s. You’ll recognize old posters that Stan and Nancy Coville still kindly allow me to recycle year after year for the TOC Contradances and the Bearcamp Valley School Christmas and Spring Fairs. Others haven’t seen the light of day for decades, like the cut-outs for the Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Contest, or the ones for Will Cabell and Susan Ackley’s Starbird Puppet Theatre. The largest set is for the fund-raisers we cooked up for the Union Hall Association in the ‘80s when many of us were working to renovate the old Hall. It was a smaller town then, with fewer events. I used to put up posters, among other places, on bulletin boards outside the Chocorua Store, in the old Pioneer Restaurant, and in the entry hall at the Tamworth Post Office, where the board was plywood and you had to borrow a tack hammer from Mabel Hidden in the laundromat – and receive her coaching on its proper use! Of course this was back in the Olden Days before computers, and before color copying was an option. I used pencil or crayon, pen or marker. How exciting it was when the copier was invented! (If you set those early copiers on ‘light’, you could get an almost lithographic effect, as in the Peter Pan and Lost Nation Revue posters.) I’m sorry that I didn’t date these as I made them, and can only guess at some of the years. The show is arranged by group or theme, not chronologically.

I hope viewers will enjoy this glimpse of Tamworth as it was – yikes – almost a generation ago!

Kate Thompson
January 2010

Artist of the Month: Jan and Feb, 2010
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