Overdrive has just launched a collection of eBooks for library patrons to download to these compatible readers: Sony Readers and Barnes & Noble Nooks. Note that the Amazon Kindle is not a compatible reader, but your PC or Mac computer is! Most laptops and many netbooks run full versions of Windows or Mac OS and could work nicely for some people as an eBook reader – especially a small netbook, the new iPad, or laptops that fold into a tablet.
There are instructions on the Overdrive site for downloading the necessary software needed for eBooks.
The Circulation Period & Early Return of EPUB Titles is as follows:
* The Audiobooks circulate for 7 days and cannot be returned early.
* The eBooks circulate for 14 days, and can be returned early by right-clicking on the title in Adobe Digital Editions.
* After the 14-day circulation period has passed, if the patron returns to the main menu of their Sony Reader and tries once again to enter into their book, they will get a notice stating that the license has expired. They will need to recheck out the title.
Patrons with Nooks and Sony Readers can also get free titles from Google Books, Project Gutenberg, and a number of other sources.
Sony and Nook both provide instructions for downloading Google Books

Downloadable Audios and eBooks