self portrait jeff Malenfant
Local artist Jeff Malenfant recently published a new book, “My Public
and Concrete Alibi”, co-authored with his friend and fellow artist,
Yannick Dangin Leconte, of Paris, France.The book is a collection of poems and drawings that the two worked on
during 2008-2009. Under his YouTube user name, “liketelevisionsnow”,
Jeff wrote short poems as direct responses to videos that Yannick made
and posted on his channel, “There is Nothing. Nowhere.” The poems
were left on a “virtual wall” — much like the enigmatic subject
matter that the British graffiti artist, Banksy, leaves on physical walls and other
structures. This book is a logical extension of the collaborative work that the
two artists were doing at that time.
“My Public and Concrete Alibi” is in Cook Memorial Library’s collection. For more information or a look at the book’s contents, visit Jeff’s blog.
Jeff Malenfant's My Public and Concrete Alibi

People of Tamworth: Jeff Malenfant

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