Oil painting by Marjoree Deo

The Friends of Cook Memorial Library are underwriting another calendar for 2011. In full color, on sturdy coated stock, and designed by Peggy Johnson, it will feature the work in paint, collage, ink, and pencil, of twelve historic artists who lived or summered in Tamworth including: MARJOREE DEO • ELLEN EPPELSHEIMER • WILLEY FROMM • SAM’L NEWSOM • MAC LLOYD • EDOUARD SANDOZ • ILEY IRWIN • HERB DAMON • ELLEN ELDRIDGE • WALTER JOHNSON • KIT SEMMES

Folded, they are 7″ x 7″, open they are 7″ x 14″ – small enough to fit into your satchel, sturdy enough to hang on your wall. At only $12 apiece, they are a terrific art bargain, and a great gift and memento of this wonderfully creative Tamworth community.

They will be available at the library no later than October 1st, and this is our very own Shameless Commerce Division Announcement of its impending arrival. All proceeds support library doings. You could send a check for $14 ($2 for shipping costs), pay to the order of Friends of Cook Memorial Library, to CML Calendar, 93 Main St., Tamworth, NH 03886, and reserve one, or $26 for two, or $32 for three.

We thank you in advance. You won’t be disappointed!

2011 Calendar – Historic Artists of Tamworth
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