Sam’l Newsom is the featured artist this July. He was a landscape designer and a painter. He designed, among other things, the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and the Remick Park in Tamworth. He was a nurseryman; he grew dahlias. He grew bonsai trees – hemlocks. He designed a Japanese-influenced house and garden in Chocorua. He used local materials: his elegant, serene design used rocks, hemlocks, moss and water. He painted, every day. When his eyesight started to fail, he painted the essence, in rapid black and white. His images of trees, water, ferns and rocks were simple, strong and immediately identifiable as his. When his eyesight changed again in later life, his painting became colorful again, but he never stopped sketching in black ink with brush or markers. He painted large scrolls, he painted intimate portraits of woodland plants, he painted blessings on his house and garage, he taught gardeners how to prune, he caught a thousand moments of life outside his studio windows, painting and painting until his body stopped. He lived through and remembered the earthquake and great fires of 1906 in San Francisco. He lived in Japan, he lived in Carmel, he lived in Chocorua.
Written by Peggy Johnson
Photos of Sam’l’s work by Jay

Artist of the Month for July: Sam’l Newsom

3 thoughts on “Artist of the Month for July: Sam’l Newsom

  • April 8, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Hi Peggy, Thank you for such a nice tribute to my Dad, Samuel Newsom. He loved Chocorua and was deeply influenced by the beauty of nature. He made many friends and loved the quiet and inspiration the whole area gave him. He was an architect as well as a landscaper and designed his own home/garden in Chocorua as well as several others in the area. He was a man of many artistic talents! He also designed our first family home in Mill Valley, California where I still live. The Japanese garden was designed and built in 1964 when he was in the middle of designing and building the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco Golden Gate Park. His legacy is large and loved. Thank you again for your story about him. He would be very happy to know he is being remembered and voted “Artist of the Month”.

  • January 1, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    We have a painting that came from our family cabin in Inverness, California. It is a picture of Tomales Bay with sailboats. We were wondering if it is the same artist? We love the picture and have enjoyed it for years! Thank you

  • January 2, 2014 at 9:45 am

    Hello Mr. Cuenin,

    Is it signed, dated? What makes you believe it is Sam’l Newsom’s work?

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