As a child, Brad came to Tamworth during the summer with his parents, who worked at The Barnstormers Theatre. From then on, the Barnstormers always played a part in Brad’s life. As a teen he apprenticed on the stage crew, and then worked as the theatre’s Stage Manager for many years. He now serves on its Board of Directors.

Through the years, he fell in love with the magic of this community and made the move to full time Tamworth resident in 2000. He wasn’t quite prepared, at first, for the harshness of the winters, but he, eventually, managed to adapt.

He found local adventures to fill out his schedule. He threw his hat into the ring for Supervisor of the Voting Checklist – to help voters exercise their franchise and let candidates present themselves to the public in a favorable light. It was a good match and he served as Supervisor for seven years, while bringing the Checklist into the electronic age.

The Community School formed the second linchpin in his community activities. As he searched for alternatives, he found the energy, camaraderie and friendship at the school to be the perfect place to keep his creative ideas recharged. He served as a bus driver for four years and, except for one twenty-below-zero week, enjoyed every minute of it.

His current passion is photography – traveling as far afield as necessary to capture that shot which will enthrall his viewers.

People of Tamworth: Brad Ball