Americans use 60,000 plastic bags every five minutes, disposable bags that they throw away without much thought. But where is “away?” Where do the bags and other plastics end up, and at what cost to the environment, marine life and human health?
On Tuesday, October 26 at 7:00 at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, there was a showing of the much-talked-about new film called BAG IT. The movie follows Jeb Berrier (brother of Amy, Tamworth resident), an average guy who makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags. This simple action gets Jeb thinking about all kinds of plastic as he embarks on a global tour to unravel the complexities of our plastic world. He is not a radical environmentalist, but an average American who decides to take a closer look at our cultural love affair with plastics. Jeb’s journey in this documentary film starts with simple questions: Are plastic bags really necessary? What are plastic bags made from? What happens to plastic bags after they are discarded? What he learns quickly grows far beyond plastic bags. Here’s an introduction to Bag it.

Jeb Berrier, brother of Amy Berrier, was here in Tamworth to show his film and talk about this experience. It was a well attended program. Jeb mentioned Anne Leonard and her video called The Story of Stuff which is also well worth watching.

Bag it! is a film you must see
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