Open the library website in a new window on your browser, and click on Services at the top of the Home screen and then click on EBSCO, halfway down the list of services, which will take you to EBSCO’s log-in page (which you could bookmark for later use.) OR click here for EBSCO’s login page. In order to log in, you must get the EBSCO user name and password from the library -email us at, or call us at 323-8510.
Once you have logged in, click on Adult Services Resources, and then MasterFILE Premier, then “Publications” in the blue bar at the top. Using the smaller lower search box and click on “Match any word” and, with quotation marks around it, type in the title of the magazine you want to read. Click on the year of the issue you are interested in (in column at right of screen), then click on the issue you want. When the list of articles comes up for that issue, click on “HTML full text” or “PDF full text” of the article you want to read. Only the “PDF full text” version will provide paging as it appears in the magazine. Take note of how your article posts in the search window. If you are computer savvy, you can use this format of, for example, JN “Rolling Stone” and DT 20101014, to quickly find the issue you want by typing it into the search box. (JN means journal and DT means date of the specific issue you want.)
I’ve linked to several magazines below. If you have set your home computer to save passwords, once you’ve logged into EBSCO once, your computer will remember this, and allow you access to these links without logging in each time.
Consumer Reports
Country Living
The Economist
New York Times
New Hampshire
PC Magazine
People Magazine
Real Simple
Rolling Stone
Scientific American
U.S. News and World Report
Yankee Magazine

Using EBSCO to read Magazines Online
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    Just tried this…great resource and it saves me the cost of subscriptions! Thanks, Jay!

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