Everyone loves a good story, and stories abound on the net. StoryCorps, founded in 2003, is probably the best known oral history project, and certainly one of the largest of its kind, with its archived collections of more than 30,000 interviews from more than 60,000 participants. Millions listen to StoryCorps’ weekly broadcasts on NPR’s Morning Edition, and on StoryCorps own Listen to Stories page. If you have a story that YOU would like to share, you can do so – instructions are on the StoryCorps website. StoryCorps also posts s”>animated videos of some of the stories on Vimeo. The great oral historian Studs Terkel was an inspiration to StoryCorps, and he was also an early participant in the project. In this animated short, he speaks out on what has been lost in modern life and where he sees hope for our future.
Certainly YouTube broadcasts millions of digital stories, including this one on how to create a digital story.
Some other “digistory” resources worth exploring are:
The Center for Digital Storytelling
Digital storytelling
A how-to on the elements of digital storytelling by the University of Minnesota School of Journalism
Digital Storytelling Resources for Educators
"99 ways to tell a story"

Digital Storytelling
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