Ski posters and memorabilia celebrating skiing will be on display during January and February. Lloyd Hadden has been collecting for many years. Here is his description of the collection:

Mountains: these range from local to out west and Europe. They are from the 1930s in St. Moritz to the present in Alta. These are ads, but of a specific nature: mountains! Some are particularly pleasing visually; others are strictly typographic. Three cardboard posters – Wildcat, Cannon, and Sunapee – came from the roof of taxis.
Events: these also date from the 1930s to the present. The contrasting styles of the two Olympic posters, which bracket WW II, are particularly telling. The rather boring professional race announcement would not have been included had the field not been full of powerful racers from all over Europe, who came to the US in the ‘50s. (Someone please translate for me what the Russian schedule is saying….)
Art: these are not so much advertisements for specific places or products as celebrations of skiing. The 1936 Severin scene with many little cartoon characters (behind the circ desk) is most interesting. The collage (by the periodicals) tries to convey of the many moods of Zermatt, high in the Swiss and Italian mountains, towered over by the Matterhorn, filled with contrasts – the old and the new, all-day skiing and night life, snow and warmth, peaks and valleys, and networks of trains and trails, many of which go by small warming huts and many beers…
Ads: these ads are dramatic, mostly advertising skis. They come from both Europe and the US. The oldest is from the 1960s.

Vintage Ski Posters on Display
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