Did you ever wonder where an elephant goes after a life in the circus? Sixteen years have passed since circus producer David Balding adopted Flora, the orphaned baby African elephant he lovingly raised as part of his family and made the star of his documentary. As Flora approaches adulthood, he realizes that she is not happy performing. Ultimately, David must face the difficult truth that the circus is no place for Flora. She needs to be with other elephants. The road to Flora’s retirement, however, is a difficult and emotional journey which tests their bond in unexpected ways. Ten years in the making, One Lucky Elephant explores the consequences of keeping wild animals in captivity, while never losing sight of the delicate love story at its heart.
One Lucky Elephant is one of the documentaries Oprah Winfrey intends to showcase and promote on her new network, OWN.
It will be interesting to see if she creates the same sort of buzz with documentaries that she did with reading.

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