PDF of these minutes

Present: Trustees: Anne Chant, Carolyn Hemingway, Michael Lowry, Ann McGarity, George Plender, Sheryl Power; Library Director Jay Rancourt; Selectman Steve Gray; Absent: Mary Beth Link

A. Call to order: 6:05 PM

B. Approval of draft minutes: CH made motion to accept draft minutes of October 20, 2014, as written and seconded by ML. Passed by a voice vote.

C. Treasurer’s Report:
1. October 2014 Financial Report: About 80% of budget has been spent. ML made motion to accept the October 2014 financial report as presented, seconded by GP. Passed by voice vote.
2. Unanticipated funds in October:
$71.00 Unrestricted donations
$39.15 Copies
$102.50 Library sales
$212.50 Total
Motion to accept unanticipated funds made by ML and seconded by AC. Passed by a voice vote.

D. Correspondence: None

E. Old Business: None

F. Library Director’s report:
1. Outreach and Collaboration: Four drop- ins to visit the Brett school librarian to be friendly and supportive. There were two book deliveries to Remick Acres and costumed library staff took part in the town trick or treating. There were 46 people in attendance at the NHHC program on witches and 24 attended the Waldorf puppet show.

G. New Business: The library Holiday Open House will be on Tuesday, December 16 at 6 p.m. Jay will contact Grammie Gordon about providing lasagna and Annie Riecken has offered to organize the food. Pot luck singers and Brett school chorus will provide entertainment. CH suggested that trustee’s wear name tags that evening so that we are more visible to those attending the event.

H. Committee Reports:
1. Jay reported that staff self-evaluations have been completed and that she will be meeting with each of them. She questioned whether she needed to do her own self-evaluation since her time as library director is limited and it was decided that she didn’t need to do that.
2. Policy: Lengthy discussion around benefit package for the new library director. The health insurance will be the same as the employees of the town of Tamworth are offered. Two weeks of paid vacation annually after a 90 day probationary period, 6 paid sick days, 5 bereavement days and 2 personal days (all non-accruing). CH made a motion to accept the new library director’s benefits as amended. ML seconded it upon final review from JR.
3. Friends: Next meeting will be on November 11. The Friends will have a presence at the Tamworth holiday farmers markets. AM will encourage attendance at the holiday open house.
4. Building/Grounds: GP presented info on the estimate for insulation from Superior insulation. Their proposal is about $7000.00 but the attic room that houses the heating and air conditioners was inadvertently not included. Estimate needs to be completed. The estimate from the second insulation company is not in yet. Discussion re: ways to fund the project. GP discussed the problems with the roof and how they are related to the lack of insulation. This issue will be discussed further at the next trustee meeting when all estimates are complete.
5. Technology: JR purchased new public use laptop for the library.
6. Public comment: None

I. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by CH and seconded by GP at 7:45 P.M.

Next Meeting: December 8, 2014 at 6:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheryl Power, library trustee

Draft Minutes of the November 2014 Board Meeting