As many patrons already know, we have taken our DVD discs out of the cases and now store them in a drawer at the circulation desk. This is because we have had nine DVDs, many brand new, stolen out of their cases at the library in the past six weeks. The DVD cases on the shelves will be empty until you come to the circulation desk to check out. The discs will then be placed in the DVD cases as part of the check out procedure. This will hopefully ensure that theft of the library’s discs will stop. We hate to inconvenience the many because of the larcenous nature of the few, but the library can’t afford this loss of new materials.
Please help the staff adjust to this new arrangement by reminding us that we have to put the discs in! We might forget until we’re used to the new routine.

DVDs kept behind the desk
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One thought on “DVDs kept behind the desk

  • November 29, 2011 at 8:01 am

    Really? Whoa, that’s awful…and sad. I love that they new DVD’s are separated from the others. It’s exciting to see what new ones have been added to the collection. I am really bummed about the theft.

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