Photo by Chris Scott/flickr

The Library Phantom of Edinburgh, Scotland has been leaving mysterious little treasures in the libraries of Scotland. Wishing to remain anonymous, the phantom has been impeccably stealthy since the spring of 2011, successfully leaving these treasures while remaining undetected.
One by one, they have magically appeared in a succession of library settings in and around Edinburgh, always accompanied by a note saying a slight variation on; “A gift in support of libraries, books, words, ideas….”
Several of the treasures have revealed a connection to Scottish mystery writer, Ian Rankin who has been impelled to come to take a look.

This has,of course, become BIG NEWS in Scotland. Don’t forget, Edinburgh is the home of J K Rowling who is the queen of magic.

The latest news flash tells us that three more treasures have been deposited in the Scottish Poetry Library, and that they will be the last. The note below, again photographed by Chris Scott, reveals that the accomplished and mysterious artist is a woman.

In this holiday season, let us appreciate this remarkable and anonymous woman who is making magic for a whole city.

Happy holidays from your local library – “A gift in support of libraries, books, words, ideas….”

Cheers Edinburgh It’s been fun!
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