The ticks are out in force this year, despite the dry spell which has now ended with all this rain. Being a gardener, I’ve already been bitten four times, and taken countless walking ticks off me. Be aware that Lyme Disease is no joke; it is definitely here where we live, along with several other tick-borne diseases.
The best resource for up to date and reliable information on Lyme Disease is
ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society). Here are ILADS’ ten facts about Lyme Disease.
At Cook Memorial, we have three titles about Lyme Disease: Cure unknown : Inside the Lyme epidemic by Pamela Weintraub, Lyme disease, the great imitator: How to prevent and cure it by Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein & Robert Silverstein, and The top 10 Lyme disease treatments: Defeat Lyme disease with the best of conventional and alternative medicine by Bryan Rosner ; foreword by James Schaller ; editors Julie Byers, Michael Huckleberry.
For anyone around Tamworth who has Lyme Disease or the 9 other tick-borne
diseases, there are Lyme Literate Medical Practitioners [LLMP] in the surrounding area. This information is on the ILADS website.

Beware Lyme Disease in northern New Hampshire
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