The Carroll County Transit “Blue Loon” Public Route began operating in January of 2012 and new, 16-passenger, wheelchair accessible buses are now rolling through the county.
The Carroll County Transit system includes an all-day flex-route connector service that originates in Wolfeboro (Bus Route # 1), runs north along Route 28 to West Ossipee and continues north along Route 16, traveling to Conway, and North Conway (Bus Route # 2). The service is provided using two buses running in opposite directions (Bus Routes # 1 & 2). Additionally, a fixed-route connector operates twice a day between West Ossipee and Laconia (Route #3). Transfer between the bus routes takes place in West Ossipee.
The service is referred to as a “flex route” due to the fact that the buses travel on a designated route according to a published schedule that includes additional time to allow the buses to deviate to serve passengers within one quarter mile of the route.
There is an additional service called Dial-a-Ride in which individual passengers can request a ride within the service area from one specific location to another at a requested time. Just call 1-866-752-6890 and provide your name, phone number, trip request time, pick up location, destination and inform them if you need any special assistance. NOTE: The driver will not wait longer than five minutes for passengers. Please don’t forget this great service. Save gas, shrink your footprint, and leave the driving to others – it’s a win-win!

Ride the Blue Loon bus
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