A New Hampshire artist named Sue Anne Bottomley has embarked on a big project called Draw NH! Her goal is to draw in all 234 NH towns by the end of the year. You can see her progress (217 so far) at her blog, Colorful Journey. Below she describes her experiences in Tamworth:

We spent a fair amount of time in Tamworth last week. I popped into the library (the long white building on the right half of the page), and had a nice chat with some employees. And I showed them my Draw-NH sketches at their beginning stages. Which I don’t usually do. They were very encouraging people, and I hope they will log on and see this post.
Then I checked out some books, knowing I can drop them off at my local library and they will be returned to this library by the state of NH book van. You can apparently do that anywhere in the state.
Bruce took a nap. While I took a walk. We had a lovely dinner of local foods on the back deck of the Lyceum.
New Hampshire has 21 playhouses, small professional repertory theatrical companies. Our town, New London, has one called the Barn Playhouse, in a refurbished cow barn on Main Street. Tamworth’s playhouse is called the Barnstormers. They all appear to enjoy marvelous support from the townsfolk.
One cannot see this view from a single location on the street. I drew it as I walked down the street to the right. Which is how you see things in your daily life, right?
As I stood in front of the town offices drawing, a man asked me what I was doing. He was curious. I jokingly told him I was the town’s new meter maid, ready to write a ticket. And that I was prepared to stand there until the new parking meters were installed. A little joke…this town is so small that it has no need for meters or parking regulations (other than to control parking during Barnstormers’ performances). But I did give him a start for a second or two, and then a laugh.
Ok, I admit it. I imagined the fall foliage behind all the white buildings. When we were there it was lush green. I know in my heart it will be these glorious colors.

Bottomley has received coverage on New Hampshire Chronicle which aired on October 2nd.

Colorful Journey through New Hampshire
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