“Off My Walls” is a selection of things now on display at the library from Peggy Johnson’s house. Each painting or object has a story, which is posted by it. With only two exceptions, each was made by friends or family or herself, and those two exceptions have stories (and lessons) as well.

There are paintings and drawings by Marnie Cobbs, Michael Doyle, Liz Henle, Anne Johnson, Floyd Johnson, Alex Kanevsky, Wendy Ketchum, Rosy Lamb, Jon Redmond, Edouard Sandoz, Katherine Sandoz, Kit Semmes and a few others, as well as some old toys made when they were very young by Noli and Jesse Sandoz with the great help and vision of Ralph Weymouth who assured the boys that, yes, they could make anything out of wood.

The show will be up until the end of October.

Artist of the Month “Off My (Peggy’s) Walls”
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