The Tamworth Lyceum cozies right up to the library to the east at the center of the village. After the years that the store was closed and vacant, we are delighted to have such a friendly, vital and generous neighbor right next door. Steve Grasse and his team have given all kinds of support to the library through these past few years, not the least of which is providing the library director’s favorite beverage, chai tea. I confess that I am over there almost every day I’m working.

The library’s first year of sponsoring the July 4th 5k family race will take place tomorrow, and the Lyceum has provided support to this event in a variety of ways. They are offering a discount to the runners for iced coffee or tea, they are providing tote bags for the first twenty runners who signed up, and they have purchased lime green bandanas for all the runners, which are also available for $4 tomorrow at the race, and afterwards at the library (if there are any left).

Robert Frost may have written “Good fences make good neighbors” but we are glad there are no fences between us and our good neighbors.
Jamie, working the counter.

Here’s to the Tamworth Lyceum!
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