On November 9th, 10 to 3, Tin Mountain Conservation Center is offering a workshop on do-it-yourself funerals, with a focus on green burials. There is a movement afoot in the United States to inform people that there are alternatives to the expensive and sometimes impersonal, one-size-fits-all funeral rites we have come to accept as standard practice. Final Passages is a national organization founded in 1995 to help families deal with end-of -life issues.
The New Hampshire Funeral Resources and Advocacy is presenting this program.
The trailer of a PBS program, A Family Undertaking is available on Netflix DVD (not streaming.)

While I’m on the subject of end-of-life issues, it was brought to my attention that Tamworth’s own Joe Semmes, who is a Portland, ME physician, has posted a YouTube video on Top Ten Suggestions for Seriously Ill Patients. It is well worth watching and passing on to others.

End-of-Life Care and Family-Directed Funerals