Bless me, ultima
Bless me, Ultima at 6 pm on Tuesday, November 26th
PG13, 102 minutes, 2011, Writer/director Carl Franklin
This adaptation of Rudolfo Anaya’s controversial novel is about a young boy and the enigmatic healer who opens his eyes to the wonders of the spiritual realm. New Mexico: the early ’40s. As the entire world is plunged into war for a second time, Antonio Márez grapples with the harsh realities all around him. His life is forever changed by the sudden arrival of Ultima, a woman with supernatural healing powers, who has come to his family on a mission of kindness. As Ultima inspires Antonio to question authority and see the world from a new perspective, the young boy witnesses a series of seemingly impossible events that have a profound impact on his concepts of divinity and fate.

Film on Tues, Nov 19th: Bless me, Ultima
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