Jennifer Allen posted this on the Sandwich Board and I thought it was worth passing on (slightly edited):

By now you surely have read about the benefits of purchasing from locally owned businesses, but here is a reminder to keep more money in our community. Only 1/3 of money spent at a chain store is reinvested into the community, while 2/3 is retained from locally owned businesses. Local businesses support other local businesses, and also contribute more to nearby charities and fundraisers. Buying local preserves the distinct character and culture of our towns, and links neighbors, affects overall community spirit and well-being, impacts the value of your home and property, and reduces environmental impacts. Did you know the average store-bought carrot travels over 1,800 miles to your table? Supporting local agriculture is crucial to long term sustainability, food security and land preservation. Buying local provides jobs closer to home, and fuels entrepreneurship, which, in some sectors, provides better wages and benefits than chain stores do.
You’ll receive better customer service- you are less likely to be ignored or treated poorly by someone you run into regularly! Buying local makes everyone more invested in the welfare and future of our community.
For all of these reasons and lots more, please take advantage of the numerous holiday fairs and events for your gift shopping on Dec. 7 and 8. Some of these events are Dec 7 only, please check local listings.

December 7th & 21st: Farmer’s Market at Brett School 9-1
December 7th:The Friends of Cook Library’s monthly book sale in the Annex, 10-12; The Community School Fair 10-2; Tamworth Community Guild at Tamworth Townhouse 9-1; UUFES Church Cookie Walk, 10-2; St Andrews Church Fair 9-1; Center Sandwich’s Christmas in the Village Sat, December 7 from 9 to 4 & Sunday, Dec 8, 10-3.

Buy local this Christmas
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