Pete Seeger, the Pied Piper of the People’s Music, died Monday at 94. His wife of 70 years, Toshi, died last July. He was out chopping wood at his log cabin on the Hudson River ten days before his death.  My parents loved The Weavers and their records played constantly at our house, providing the background music for my childhood. Pete inspired a generation of musicians, beginning with Bob Dylan and on through Bruce Springstein and beyond to the present day. He was the founder of the American folk music
Back in the early 80s a friend and I took our collective four kids to the Clearwater Revival for four years in a row. The last year we went, I saw Pete and Toshi strolling arm and arm through the crowd and took the opportunity to thank him for being who he was and having such a profound impact on me and millions of others. He just shrugged and said, Aww, shucks.”
I hate to think of him not being in the world.
The portrait above is by Robert Shetterly, honoring Seeger as one of his “Americans Who Tell the Truth”.

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Pete Seeger: still chopping wood at 94