The Antlers Writing Workshop, a group of eleven local poets who meet weekly in Wonalancet in the summer, will be reading at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth on Wednesday, September 3, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

There is much enthusiasm for poetry in the world at large and here is a good sampling of gems from our own local writers. They will be reading recent poems, some written in response to a given line or a poetic task, and others the result of intuition and inspiration, and perhaps a few favorites from recognized published poets. The Antlers Writing Workshop has been held for 18 years, since the early ‘80s, at the former Antlers Tea Room on the Chinook Trail in Wonalancet. The participants are usually around ten in number, and the purpose is to provide a meeting place and a fellowship for writers. Some are beginners looking for direction and support; others are accomplished professionals looking for constructive critiques. For the past ten summers, the concentration has been on contemporary lyric poetry. Each member brings a poem in process to the group, with enough copies for all. The poems are read, and re-read, with responses from the group, then go home for more detailed reactions in writing. There are accomplished speakers, neighborhood readings and attendance at writing events elsewhere.

The core of the group meets each Thursday afternoon in late June, July, August and early September. It works best to have participants working steadily but we are anxious to encourage those who are interested, but not here all the time, to join us as they can. The Workshop has published two volumes of poetry: WONALANCET SONGS, and FROM THE ANTLERS TEA ROOM, an anthology of work by the participants.

For more information, please call 323-7773. The poets who will be reading are Ann Burghardt, Helen Steele, Betsy Loughran, Peggy Longley, Jan Goldman, Bonnie Toomey, Ann McGarity, Jan Connolly, Denney Morton, and in absentia, some works from Brian Kelley and Will Purves.

Antlers Writing Workshop’s Poetry Reading