Cope Murray, long time resident of Tamworth, started his acting career as a Barnstormers Theatre actor in 1958, and continues to appear on the Barnstormers stage to this day. He also served as artistic director. Murray is an Equity actor who has appeared in several films, including In the Bedroom in 2002.
In recent years, Cope has been writing fiction, and self-publishing on Amazon. His first novel, published in 2012, The Making of Daniel, is set in the backdrop of the post Civil War south, The Making of Daniel is the story of a mulatto and his white father’s search for him. Cope’s novel is a generational saga from 1880 to the Second World War that comes full circle to its interracial origin.

Photo of Cope & and his wife, Priscilla Murray in Prisoner of 2nd Avenue at Barnstormers Theatre in 1979.
His second novel (2013), The Stain on Caitria, is set in Ireland where after two failed marriages, George Callahan quits his job and moves – and his adventures begin.
Cope has just published a third novel, A Tale from O’Reilly’s Porch which is set in the 50s in Texas. All Cope’s books are available as paperbacks or Kindle ebooks. The library has them all and two, The Making of Daniel and The View from O’Reilly’s Porch are on the library’s Kindle which any patron can borrow. Note: The cover art on all three books was painted by Penny Purcell.

People of Tamworth: Cope Murray
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