The photographs of John Watkins are hanging until the end of February at
the library. Please come in and take a look. They are magnificent

John writes of his work:

These images are selections from the past twenty years as I have been
exploring the different photographic techniques available during the last
century to best capture the beauty of the region. My initial images
utilized black and white or color film and their different printing
processes. In recent years I have become drawn to the Platinum/Palladium
printing process. The long tonal range of the print extends the “octave” of
the photographic process. The required contact printing process and UV
light exposure utilizes a larger negative and a view camera. I have settled
on a banquet 7×17 view camera, circa 1917-20. I find that to visualize and
compose an image on the ground glass is in itself a contemplative and
thoughtful event well suited to the task.

The selections also include a color gum bichromate image, representative of
the first color photographic process and a carbon emulsion transfer print
widely used before the introduction of Silver Chloride/ Bromide
photographic papers.

Recently, the development of digital photography has provided me new
opportunities, new technologies and a different language to explore the
beauty as I continue to ‘Look to the Mountain”.

John Watkins is Artist of the Month for January & February
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