ccwhiteartCC White, who homesteads in Sandwich is our Artist for March and April. Come see her vibrant, juicy abstracts.

CC says of her work:

Most of my work mirrors the pull between heart and mind. I use marks, color
and form to translate emotion into abstract image, hoping to provoke a strong
reaction in the viewer. I am led into a painting by curiosity and/or strong feelings
about things I care deeply about. Some of these catalysts that propel me to paint are
the devastation of our environment, women’s issues, a particularly intriguing
dream. Before I start a painting, I try to let go of expectations and plans, and allow
intuition to guide me.

Most of my work is mixed media on paper. “Mixed media” includes acrylics,
inks, graphite, conte and oil crayon, watercolor and collage. I also like to make
assemblages of found objects in both two- and three-dimensions.

Painting is sacred work for me, but at the same time I try not to take myself
too seriously. I love to make things. I am better with my hands that with words.



Artist of the Month: CC White
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One thought on “Artist of the Month: CC White

  • March 5, 2015 at 8:09 pm

    How wonderful to hear CC White will be artist of the month! Looking forward to getting to CML to see / experience your ever complex and inspiring work!

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